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Club Nintendo Elite Rewards for 2013 announced!


Nintendo of America has finally announced the 2013 Elite Rewards for Club Nintendo users in North America. The yearly Club Nintendo Elite’ rewards, include the following:

  • Free copies of the original Super Smash Bros
  • The Majora’s Mask soundtrack CD.

You can also choose one of the following Elite rewards by August 15th but this depends on your Club Nintendo status:
  • Platinum — Three-Poster Set
  • Platinum — The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Original Soundtrack CD
  • Platinum or Gold — 2014 Club Nintendo Calendar
  • Platinum or Gold — Super Smash Bros.
  • Platinum or Gold — WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase
  • Platinum or Gold — The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
  • Platinum or Gold — Super Mario Land
  • Platinum or Gold — Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium for Nintendo 3DS to be released in North America


The game will be released in North America this October 01, 2013 for $39.99. Pre-orders open today. The game has two game modes, the classic mode, and the brand new story mode which you will all surely enjoy. In story mode, you will be doing Fredericka's missions together with her companions on their mission in order to solve the mysteries of her past. And in classic mode, you need to rediscover the origins and secrets of Etria by mapping out a fresh 3D portrayal of the land.

This is a great news to all the fans of this game. For those who doesn't know, the game is also a Nintendo DS game. You can try the nintendo DS version first before you decide to pre-order the 3DS version. I know they are different versions and the Nintendo 3DS version is definitely better, but still the game mechanic is the same and you'll still get an idea how good is this game.

For those who does not want to buy the DS version, you can try an emulator. There are bunch of emulators out there. Just google it. :)

Mighty Switch Force 2!, a Nintendo 3DS game coming to Wii U?

Puzzle platformer game Mighty Switch Force!, currently available only for the Nintendo 3DS might come to the Wii U.

PEGI, the Pan European Game Information Board, has put up a listing for Mighty Switch Force! 2. The game was developed by WayForward, and has yet to announce the Wii U version of the game which was released and made available for the Nintendo 3DS last June 13, 2013 in North America.

That's all for now, I will keep you all posted whenever an announcement or update has been made regarding this game.


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NIS is bringing 2 Japanese Games to the Playstation Vita


Good news! NIS is will be bringing 2 Japanese games to the Playstation Vita. Most of us know that there are many good games that come from japan, we are lucky if developers of those games make an EU/US version. But admit it, there are lots of good Japanese version games that are not being brought to EU/US which most of us aren't able to play because of the language barrier.

So this is a great news for those out there who can't understand Japanese.

Here are the names of the two games that NIS will bring to us this early 2014:

Demon Gaze
DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc coming to the Playstation Vita


Based on a PSP title, the premise if that you are a student going to an elite high school. It is revealed that they are trapped inside the school for life by a sadistic, remote controlled, black and white bear called Monokuma. Of course. The only way to escape is by "graduating", and in order to graduate, a student needs to commit a murder without any of the other students figuring it out.

danganronpa: trigger happy havocThe game sounds interesting and at the same time it sounds weird to me. I think this game does not suit children. Maybe I'll buy this game when the trailer comes out and I see that there is no brutality (bloody scenes) which I think will be present in the game.

Gameplay is similar in style to the Ace Attorney series, revolving around investigation and finding contradictions. Each chapter of the story has different stages, from seeing the main plot revealed to building relationships, investigations of crimes throughout the school, and the trial.

The game is scheduled to be available in the store early 2014


Demon Gaze coming out for the Playstation Vita

This is a monster hunting game. In the game, the player controls Oz, a young man that possess the power of a magic eye capable of sealing demons.

The gameplay is split between venturing into dungeons and spending time at the inn where players can build relationships with non-player characters or spend the money they have earned in the dungeons.

I personally don't know this game but by reading the title and the description, I think I will buy a copy of this. 

Do you know this game? Let us know your thoughts on the comments below!

The game is scheduled to be available in the store early 2014


Playstation Mobile Game Cytus Lambda for the Playstation Vita

cytus lambda playstation mobile

A new Musical Rhythm game has been released on the Playstation Mobile. The name of the game is Cytus Lambda and it is free for the Playstation Vita, just go to the Playstation Mobile section. The free version which you can download is just a trial/demo version which includes 10 song to play. For those who like games like DJ Max, I think you will be interested in this game.

cytus lambda playstation mobile screenshot

If you played the free version and you liked it, you can purchase the full version of this Musical Rhythmic Game for $12. You don't have to go to the Playstatio Mobile section in PSN, just run the game in your Playstation Vita and chapters that are locked will prompt you with a purchase message.

Here is what you will get when you buy the full version:

70+ songs with over 140+ variations
10 exclusive songs for Lambda
Hand-drawn backgrounds
Future chapter updates will be free of charge
Genres include: Pop, Jazz, Trance, Hardcore, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more

cytus lambda playstation mobile screenshot
The bad side is that the price of the game I think is too expensive for a Playstation Mobile game considering that there are good Musical Rhythm Games for the Playstation Vita like DJ Max Technika Tune and Project Diva. Another thing is that there is no leader board and trophy system which removes the ability to compete with your friends (of course you can do this if you're neighbors).

The good thing when you buy this game is that future updates and chapters will be free of charge as I mentioned above.

The visuals of the game is also nice and decent, the songs are good with a beautiful beat. I played the game and I just can't stop playing it.

But don't expect too much on this game and don't compare it to DJ Max since it is just a Playstation Mobile Game. The songs are quite short, and the game play is not that accurate (the timing when tapping the circles), you will see it when you play the game. But that's not a big deal, for me the game is still great and worth a try.

cytus lambda playstation mobile screenshot
cytus lambda playstation mobile screenshot

If I remember correctly, the game is also available in tablets and mobile devices.

What can you say about this game? Is it worth the money? Let me know your thoughts below. Have a nice day and happy gaming!


Samurai Showdown II for Android and iOS


Samurai Showdown II is available on iOS and Android devices. SNK released the game last week. The game has 15 characters to choose from and in addition to the 4-button controls of the original, there’s now an optional 6-button layout and SP button that allow you to pull off strong slashes and special moves via the touch screen. What I like in this release is that it has a multiplayer mode using Bluetooth.

The game costs $9

Here are some screenshots of the game:


Cooking Mama 5 for the 3DS


Another Cooking Mama game is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. Cooking mama 5 is slated for winter release in Japan, there is still no date announced for the North America/Erope release date.

Well, Cooking Mama is a nice game to play. I played it on my DSi and completed all the foods (100% score). I wonder what's new in this Cooking Mama 5, this game makes me excited.

Ill keep you all posted on news about this game.


Pokemon X & Y new Ghost Pokemon, a Sword?

The Pokemon company just revealed a brand new Pokemon at Japan Expo in france. The Pokemon is Honedge, a Ghost/Steal type pokemon. it comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt like an arm, and has the ability to drain energy from people using it. 

Here are some more screenshots of the pokemon: